I am honored to hold the title of “Teacher”, and I am also honored to share my experiences with others. As teachers we have an obligation to share with others what we have learned. Sometimes as a counselor, and sometimes as a inspiration to a larger group.

My truths are MY truths, my experiences are MY experiences. Many can relate to them, but none can live them as I have. They are unique to me and only to me because I experienced them. My truths and experiences are no better than anyone else’s.  We all have our own, and they are what guide or hinder us. Sometimes we don’t move forward after a great experience because we cannot let it go, and other times we reach a much higher place in our lives!

Not every experience I have encountered has been a great experience. Most of them were hard, and some of them almost killed me, literally. I don’t see these experiences as positive or negative. Instead, I see them as a blessing! A blessing that helps me to relate to others in a way that I would not be able to if I had only read about them in a book. I feel they are meant to be shared, not hidden because I am a teacher and it is my obligation, my purpose. They are not meant to be the truth or experience for anyone else. They are simply a guideline, a beacon, a tool for someone who is seeking their own truth. What I say to someone may be relevant in their life, but other times it may just be a single word said to them that may open a door. Opening that door may simply lead to another door along their journey. That may be all that they need from me. Then again, it may ultimately lead to their truth or, even greater, their purpose which jets them into outer space like someone’s … READ MORE

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