• The outer red circle represents the fact that everything returns to its source.
  • The branches and leaves on the side are from the old style of Motobu paying homage to that lineage. 
  • TenBuKan – Heavenly Warrior Arts
  • Bujitsu – Warrior martial arts represented by Shito-ryu, Goshin-Jitsu, Aikijutsu, Iaido, Kenjutsu and Kobudo.
  • The vertical kanji running down the middle represents the balance of TenBuKan.
  • The inner circle represents the circular motion found in many of the techniques.
  • The five sided symbol represents the cherry blossom, an important emblem to the Samurai and the five elements from which we draw our techniques
  • The Colors Red – Courage
                       White – Purity
                       Black – Maturity
  • The Sun in the middle representing traditional Japan/Asia as well as the source of life.